Karen Thomas

Photo: Richard Sprang

Karen Thomas (b.1963/UK) is acclaimed for her pop-culture figures and loosely dynamic painting style. While her infamous superhero collections reconstruct well-known characters’ identities with wild expressionism, her postcard collectibles transpose celebrities into small, but utterly enigmatic portraits. In doing so, Karen Thomas has created a distinguished style, recognisable for its thick and vivacious brushstrokes.

She has shown both individually and in group exhibitions at The Other Art Fair (London, Bristol, Brooklyn, Los Angeles) and Art Below ( London New Orleans, Los Angeles), SELECT Art Fair, New York, Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg and the Berliner and Kölneer Liste. Her work has also been included in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, featured on the culture show and identified by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator at Saatchi Art as a ‘must-see’ artist.


'Silver Screen', Agnès b, Montpellier
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London
DUO MIX #1 Philippe Jacq Karen Thomas, A+ Architecture, Montpellier
'Two Doors', TartGalleryLondon at the House of Saint Barnabas, London
The Other Avatars', NFT collection for Saatchi'art inspired by the self-portraits of Van Gogh
The Other Art Fair, virtual editions
Maison Contemporain, Paris
Zebra One Gallery, London
Together through Painting, London Paint Club
Postcards from the Edge, Visual Aids, NY
The Invitational 1, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London
The Pilgrm, London
From my eyes, R.Cline Arts, Las Vegas
Artonapostcard, London
Radical Residency IV, Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London
The Pilgrim, London
Y SI EL T IEMPO NO LO IMPIDE, A+ Architecture, Montpellier
The Other Art Fair, L.A. and London, King's Cross
Villa Bel Air, Montpellier
Superfine L.A.
Les Voeux de saint Denis, creation of a limited edition screenprint for la
ville de Saint-Denis, Paris with Anagraphis
The Other Art Fair, Mana Contemporary, Chicago and Victoria House, London
Slade Summer School, London
3 Femmes dans la vlle, Espace Bagouet, Montpellier
Art Muc, Munich
RPAF, Oxo Wharf Tower, London
The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles
Accessible Art Fair, BOZAR, Brussels
The Other Art Fair, Arnolfini, Bristol
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Main Galleries, Burlington House, London
The Other Art Fair, NYC, Brooklyn Expo Center
Catherine et Moi, Galerie leCoeur Paris
Kölner Liste, Cologne
The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London
Art Below, Los Angeles, Grand Union Station
Postcards from the Edge, Visual Aids, New York
The Other Art Fair, London and Bristol
Art Below, New Orleans
Weissenhaus, Gallery Nimmesgernsternberg off-site
Postcards from the Edge, Visual Aids, NY
Art on a Postcard at Moniker
Festival de vins d'Aniane, Benefit auction
Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
The Other Art Fair, London
Auction for Elephant Haven, Kate Garner with Rosebery’s, London
Postcards from the Edge for Visual Aids, New York
International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
‘Véhicules: Auto, Moto, Vélo, train avion et Bateau’, MIAM, Sète, France
Factory-Gallery, Truman Brewery, London
Berliner Lister, Berlin
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London
The Other Art Fair, London
Postcards from the Edge, New York
The International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
Salonely, Members's Show, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh
Peintresx6, Montpellier
Pictovirus, Yann Dumoget and Karen Thomas, collages and drawings
Art Below at Regent's Park underground station
Salon d'automne, Paris
Karen Thomas illustrates Stéphane Mallarmé, Le nénuphar blanc, Collection Parce que des Editions Luis Casinada (artist's book)
Barcelona Showcase, Casa Battlo, Barcelona
Postcards from the Edge, Visual Aids, New York
International postcard show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
Art Below, Regent's Park Underground station, London
Jean Cocteau, Unique et Multiple, Musée Fabre Montpellier (A Shelley, Editions Luis Casinada)
Festival du Roman Noir, Musée de Frontignan
Des nus et des nues ou les aventures de la Percheronne 1853-2003, Musée Gustave Courbet, Ornans
Louis Philippe Vivien et Karen Thomas, Galerie Jean-Yves Franch Font, Montpellier

Miscellaneous, Galerie Saint Ravy, Montpellier
Karen Thomas, Peintures, Galerie Yves Faurie, Sète
Portraits de Quartier, La Baignoire, Montpellier 
(Series of fifty portraits, texts by Magali-Wiéner)
Hommage à un Musée, Galerie Jean-Yves Franch Font, Montpellier
Photo: Richard Sprang
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